jason & elizabeth

Jason has been schlepping a camera around professionally for over 15 years. He decided to stop working for “the man” in 2005 and started Jason Putsche Photography. (What a super egocentric name for a business.)  Ella and Jason met in 2008, and in 2010 Ella shirked all her big business responsibilities, bringing her own photo and video production skills into the mix.

We are now married, we live in Baltimore, and we have three freeloading pets—Stackhouse the dog and Bella and Frank, both female felines. In exchange for not paying rent (or even offering to wash the dishes or take out the trash) we subject them to costume filled photo shoots. (Do not feel sorry for them—they live like royalty. They literally have a cardboard castle. The least they can do is throw on a lobster costume for 20 minutes.)


We specialize in capturing candid moments, subtle expressions and exchanges and delivering unexpected images. We are honored to have the majority of our new business come from client referrals.

In 2014, we founded For All Animals, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all animals through diverse programs, including the Photographers for Animals program which helps shelter animals find homes.