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Mardi Gras 2012 – Power Plant Live!

Art Project: Felt Envelopes for 4″x6″ Photos

Supplies you’ll need:

1 – 9”x12” felt square (I use Kunin Group brand – sold at Joann Fabrics)
2 – scraps of coordinating felt for the stamp
1 – 1” piece of Velcro (circle or square)
Contrasting thread for sewing machine

In an age of digital images, Jason and I still like to take the time to print photos and mail them to people in our lives—especially photos of important occasions. I make these photo envelopes to help protect the photos during shipping and provide a cute case to carry the photos in if recipients want to show them to friends.

I start with a 9” x 12” pre-cut felt square. I typically eyeball my measurements using a photo or 4” x 6” piece of paper as a guide. Place your guide on one side of the felt (leaving room for the seam on each end) cut off the edge (leaving roughly 6.75” for the envelope).

The remaining felt is folded into three parts. Two parts are 4.5” (to create the front and back of the main pocket). The last section is the flap – and should be cut to a point. I usually iron the seams to make it easier to place the stamp and “address” in the next step.

All embellishments need to be sewn on before the envelope is sewn together. For this design I cut a rectangle and a heart to make the stamp. Cut your rectangle about 1” x .75” and your heart should be small enough to fit within the rectangle.  Sew the rectangle on first and the heart on top. Because the heart is small I manually turn the knob on my machine so that I can precisely stay on the outline of the heart.

Next, find the address area of the envelope. Be sure to use a thread that will contrast with your envelope so it is visible. I use the zigzag stitch on my machine and just run over each line a few times so it looks more like handwriting – it also helps insure the stitches stay in well. Make three lines – if you make one too short you can add to the line, just leave a gap so the stitches don’t need to line up exactly.

For the Velcro, start by sewing the soft square to the point of the sealing flap. Since I use a square piece of Velcro I match a corner to the point of the triangle. Once the flap Velcro is sewn on fold up your envelope as it will be when it’s complete. Place the hook side of the Velcro on the corresponding location of the body of the envelope so it will seal properly. Sew a square around the edge of the Velcro.

The final step is to sew the body together. Fold the two rectangle sections together and leave the triangle flap open. Start at one of the bottom corners and sew along the edge, on the two edges of the top of the triangle flap, and finally down the other edge of the envelope, ending at the opposite bottom corner.

And you’re done! Fill your envelope with photos and close the flap!

Frank loves getting mail.
If you love the idea, but not the idea of actually making the envelopes, I do sell sets of 3 in our Etsy store. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012